East Coast Segment 2

Tabernacle, NJ to Raleigh, NC


After a successful first segment, we set our sights south of the Mason-Dixon line as Segment 2 will wrap up in Raleigh, NC.

Leaving Tabernacle we will make like George Washington and cross the Delaware River, landing in Newark, DE by way of Philadelphia, PA.

Newark will lead into College Park, MD, also known as the Home of the Terrapins! This day also features our first scheduled century ride at 101 miles.

Continuing South, we spend the third night of Segment 2 in Fredericksburg, VA after rolling right on by our nation’s capitol. This day will be a true beauty as we follow the Potomac River southward for 89 miles!

Bike Day 10 leads us into Richmond, VA: a town full of history and scenic views on the James River. Though it will have been a whole day without crossing a state line, Richmond will be more than worth the stopover.

From Richmond, we spend our final night in Virginia in South Hill, just shy of the North Carolina border. Raleigh awaits us on Bike Day 12. A city of 430,000, Raleigh is known as the “City of Oaks,” and boasts an impressive downtown area for exploring.

Build Days: 0         Bike Days: 6           Total Miles: 439         Average: 73

Date Depart  Arrive  Mileage
July 23 Tabernacle, NJ Off Day
July 24 Tabernacle, NJ Newark, DE 73
July 25 Newark, DE College Park, MD 101
July 26 College Park, MD Fredericksburg, VA 89
July 27 Fredericksburg, VA Richmond, VA 60
July 28 Richmond, VA South Hill, VA 84
July 29 South Hill, VA Raleigh, NC 92
July 30 Raleigh, NC Off Day

(Note: This mileage is an estimate and could change depending on church host locations, and the major cities are listed although we may stay in a suburb.)

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