2021 History

Natchez Trace

Though this was our 9th year riding the Natchez Trace, we managed to have a couple of firsts!

  • First time holding the event twice in one year, which happened only because of the way the Covid pandemic was unfolding.
  • First time making it all the way to Natchez.

We also love holding our build day in Houston, Mississippi, which is a project that became a Fuller Center because of our long-standing and amazing church partner there.

Riders: 30
Funds: $70,000 
Homes worked on: TBD

Florida to Florence

The ride came through Americus to visit where it all began week 1, and had a lot of builds early and some gorgeous scenery late. Covering 15 states in the midst of the Covid pandemic was no easy task, but God provided a way. This ride was also Trip Leader Neil Mullkin’s first multi-week event with the Fuller Center. 

Riders: 24 
Funds: $207,000 
Miles: 3,750

West Coast

This was another tough and challenging ride through the ups and downs of the West Coast! Beautiful coastal views as always, the weather was great and often the wind was, too! This ride was squeezed in between peaks in Covid rates and occurred just as the coastal states were opening back up after their vaccination pushes. 

Riders: 24 
Funds: $162,000 
Miles: 1,700

Home Team

Inspired by the pandemic, we began our first-ever Home Team to join our movement entirely by riding from home and submitting their miles! With many riders choosing to sit out re-joining the rides this year, this group of riders became one of our largest. 

Riders: 53 
Funds: $76,000 
Miles: 11,161 cumulative