Bike Assistance Program

Really, really want to join, but you don’t have a decent road bike? We understand. Our ride is the first serious cycling many of our participants have ever done, and buying a bike can be expensive.

But now, if you want to help others, we can help you! We’re excited to have reached a deal with Breakaway Cycles in Albany, GA to help provide bikes for our riders who really need one!

bike assitanceHow we can help:
This Bike Assistance Program is intended for those who truly need help getting a bike. If you already have a road bike then we recommend that you use that one, but if you don’t then we are more than happy to help you get one as affordably as possible!

How it works:
1. You will first sign up to join the ride and pay the registration fee. When signing up, you should indicate that you want to be part of the Bike Assistance Program.

2. If you choose to be a part of the Bike Assistance program and receive a bike, your fundraising requirement for the trip will increase by $500 (for five segments or more), due before the trip begins. For example, if you’re joining for the whole summer your fundraising requirement will be $5,000. If you already have a bike or would just like to get one on your own, the fundraising requirement will remain at the normal levels.

Note: If you’re joining for less than five segments or for the Spring Ride you will need to raise $2,500 to qualify for the Bike Assistance program.

3. After you have officially signed up, it is time to start fundraising! Once you’ve reached the $2,000 mark we’ll send you an email notification and you can begin the process of getting your brand new road bike! You will need to have reached the $2,000 mark no later than one month before the start of your trip.

4. Next you will need to pay a deposit, which pays for a portion of the bike and does not get added to your fundraising total. The deposit amount will depend on the bike model you select (see the list below) and it will be your only out of pocket cost for the bike. Best of all, keep reading below to learn how you can get it entirely refunded. It would be great spending money for the ride, right?

5. Once we have received the deposit, we’ll let Breakaway Cycles know you are eligible to receive your bike! You can then contact them to figure out what size bike you need and to answer any additional bike-related questions you may have. They will assemble your bike and we will ship it to your house (if you live in the continental United States). Then after a few simple, minor assembly steps you can begin riding! You’re required to use it on the ride.

6. If you reach $5,500 in funds raised before the trip starts we will reimburse you $300 (which is part or all of your deposit, depending on the bike you choose) to show our appreciation for all your hard work. This means you could receive a brand new road bike at no cost to you! And some great spending money for your journey.

2018 Bike Assistance Options: Check back for details soon! 

Since we are working with a new shop this year, we are still working out the details on the bike models that will be available. Once we know those details, they will be posted here with their respective deposit amounts. In the past, those deposit amounts have been between $300-$500.