Jam-packed days!

Written by: Diane Beis

What a wonderful day!  At last we are out of the hills and the traffic.  The scenery has been beautiful and continued to be so today.  The terrain has remarkably leveled out.  Of course, we’re still experiencing a heat wave (but being from Southwestern Indiana it’s not so unusual to me). I am really enjoying this wonderful ride because I’m sharing the experience with my youngest daughter and so many friends.  We are being cared for with amazing love from great people.  The churches are showering their love on us with nice accommodations and great food.  We survived a day in NYC and a ferry ride to New Jersey.  A different state each night has been a new experience for sure!     

I experienced my first “flash mob water stop” yesterday. As we were riding in with about 8 miles to go, and mostly out of water, the Fuller Center van comes toward us, pulls across the road and off on the side of the shoulder facing us.  Of course we stopped as soon as we could, shortly past them. All of a sudden, Connor and Melissa were standing beside us filling our bottles with ice and water!  They were so quick I felt like I was in the pits of the Indy 500!  What a fun little surprise ending for a long hot ride.

For dinner we went to a local pizza place which we could all walk to from the church. (It was an adventure getting there over a fence and through a few fields, but that’s part of the fun.)  At dinner there was a gathering of adults celebrating a birthday in the same room with us.  They were so kind and so interested in us and our adventure.  It was great to be able to talk about our ride and the Fuller Center for Housing mission. Perhaps we will even get to go swimming on Sunday at their pool!

Tomorrow is a build day, so we are all looking forward to a day of contributing to the elimination of poverty housing.  What a great week this has been! The adventure has only just begun…

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