A Variety of Hiccups

Written by: Ky Griffin

Today there was a lot to Oyee about, a strong tail wind, beautifully paved roads, dips in the Atlantic, all in our miles from Atlantic Beach to Ormond Beach. There were also a few hiccups. Some were serious– like a rider with a medical issue. And some were more cosmetic – Tom chipped his FCBA fingernail polish. Fortunately the large issue is currently being taken care of with medical and moral support. A group of riders have gone to visit her in hopes of borrowing the bed and television for a bit. The rest of us are kicked back gearing up for our segment to Orlando – Disney here we come! I mean I’m really excited to be building a home Saturday… But, seriously, we are coming together building a playlist of Disney tracks for our ride tomorrow, and everyone seems particularly animated. Key West and key-lime pie here we come, Oyee!

Posted in 2017 East Coast.