Grace Will Lead Me Home

Written by: Dan Sheridan

Today’s journey proved that sometimes you need to go a little bit backward in order to move forward. The Atlantic Coast curves sharply west here, so a journey south involves going west. We actually ended up a few miles north of our start in Charleston.

We’ve been blessed with amazing church hosts thus far, and coincidentally we started and ended our ride in churches named Grace. Last night we stayed in Grace Cathedral Episcopalian Church in Charleston. We began our journey there, riding past beautiful old homes, before cycling across the Ashley River.

We followed a beautiful country highway, passing under live oak trees. A steady rain fell as we rode, so we made ourselves as visible as possible, and worked together to point out road hazards and help cars to pass us only when safe to do so.

As we rode along through the drizzle,  I thought of the lyrics from a song that often runs through my mind when cycling in the rain: “Rain down, rain down, rain down your love on your people…”

I could hear the steady patter of rain on my helmet and jacket, feel the refreshing water on my skin, and smell the odor of earthworms that often accompany rainy days.

After our first snack stop, the sun came out as we cycled down quiet country roads, eventually ending up back on a highway that carried us to Grace Advent Christian Church in Walterboro,  SC. A drenching shower refreshed us as we neared our destination.At the church, we were met by members of the congregation, who had a pasta and chicken lunch waiting for us, and chatted with us as we ate.
Our journey from one church named Grace to another brought to mind the line from “Amazing Grace”:’Tis Grace has brought me safe thus far
And Grace will lead me home.”

Tonight the church where we are staying is hosting Vacation Bible School and serving pizza, so we’ll get to enjoy some of the activities.

Tomorrow we ride 78 miles to Savannah,  where we’ll meet the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure’s cross-country cyclists as they complete their journey from the Pacific Ocean to the  Atlantic Ocean.  We join together to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure.


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