It’s the Team

Written by: Bruce Peltzer

I first learned of the Fuller Center from a brochure about the Bike Adventure. Admittedly, an inter-city, one-way, supported ride is what first caught my eye.

I began to learn more about the organization and the purpose which drives them. I read Millard and Linda’s story and concluded that this adventure is a means to a more important end.
I met met the team just a few days ago, joining in Richmond, Virginia. But I’m immediately impressed by the number of repeat riders and their deep connection to the organization. They have a genuine care for one another, on and off the bike, and an intense passion for the Partnership Housing mission.
What I’ve enjoyed most (along with the riding, of course!), has been (1) getting to know the team and how they organize, ride, and support, and (2) the opportunity to share the mission with people all across the states in various host locations.
The back of our jerseys reads “Bike. Speak. Build.” And certainly I’ve had the opportunity over my first five days to bike and also to learn and to speak for the Fuller Center. If there’s one disappointment in my planned adventure this summer, it’s that I’m missing out on the build days, which I expect will help me connect more deeply with the Fuller Center’s aims. Maybe I’ll have that chance next year.
In the meantime, I’ve met a bunch of great new friends who both enjoy a good ride and contributing to a bigger, more important project. I’m happy to join their family and their mission.

Posted in 2017 East Coast.