Journey to the Future and the Past

Written by: Monica Busby

69.5 mile ride to Newark, DE from South Hampton, NJ.  Fresh legs from a weekend off the bike.  Alexa warned me of thunderstorms by the afternoon.  “Oh boy, we are up for an adventure today,” I murmured as I pumped my tires one minute before Circle Up.  And we are off!  Our metal steed and all!

I have to say it was a gorgeous morning! It wasn’t too hot, or sunny, or wet either.  “Looks like we may actually get lucky today!”, as I smiled hastily to keep up with the fast crew for a minute.  Mariesha, my cycling partner since the start of the east coast ride, has been getting stronger and stronger as she wiggled her way in the pack going over 17mph.  Diane and Nicole not too far either…and Renee…she may look fragile to some folks, but this lady is a slow and steady beast!  They’re all keeping up!  Played my Movie & Disney Theme playlist on Spotify…time for some cycling karaoke!


As we headed towards Philadelphia, we were able to cycle past the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.  Wow!  Such history in this city!  I’ve been here before, and it doesn’t get old!  Love it here.  To my surprise, on the first rest stop, Kert Emperado, asked me if I remembered our 2014 route in NJ.  I didn’t recall at first, until I remember our 2014 group did stop at the Urban Promise Ministries building too!  Now things start to flash back at me!  How awesome is this to ride the same ride as my 2014 trip!!??  As we started riding over the Ben Franklin Bridge, I recalled riding over my FIRST bridge in 2014!  It’s the same bridge I was on today!  2014 was a life-changing time for me…I was a workaholic, lost, many of my relationships were failing personally and my business too.  I didn’t know what I wanted in life anymore…the 2014 FCBA cross country trip changed my life.  It was like I was reborn again…a fire inside me grew fierce with passion, longing, the will to be the best I can be as a servant for God even more so.  Now, to remember how much God has blessed me these past 4 years, it was like my life had turned 360 degrees!  New business that has been flourishing like never before, my relationship with my husband is stronger, my relationship with my son is deeper.  Both of them have now ridden with me on Fuller center.  We have become a cycling family.  Not to mention, God blessing me with good health & healing, financial gain, deep and open love for others, and passion for life and the willingness to share it!  I couldn’t ask for more.
So here I am, on this bridge, with a smile on my face.  Grateful…just grateful for the freedom and love I have been given.  I look on to the horizon with open arms.  I know my purpose, my calling…and will continue to spread the message of love through my experiences and blessings.  Thanks for letting me share =)
With Love,
Monica Busby

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