Riding along the East coast

Written by: Jennifer Wells

On Friday we rode our bicycles from Ormond Beach, FL to Orlando, FL.  We traveled about 68 miles taking in the nature and beauty along the way. Unlike the day before we didn’t see much of the ocean.  However, we saw a variety of dogs, lizards, birds and bugs!  In fact, I saw red head storks along the road!  They were very cool looking, calmly standing along the road just taking life in without a worry.
Upon arriving in downtown Orlando I was amused by the red brick streets. I was a bit surprised to find that downtown Orlando had some of these kinds of streets.  Brick streets always remind me of the “old days” and some of my travels through Kansas where I saw brick streets for the first time.  That was many years ago. Every one of the bikers made it to the First United Methodist church in Orlando before 1pm. We ask God for his guidance each day and to help us arrive to our new destination safely. God answered our prayers and we have been able to enjoy our weekend together.  Thank you LORD!

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