Switching Crews

Written by: Ruth Waite

When I signed up for the Fuller Center Bike Adventure, I signed up for the Cross Country Trip and for the last two segments of the East Coast Ride.  They crossed paths in Savannah, GA when the Cross Country Ride came to an end.  I thought, “I’ve never been to Key West!  I’ll just turn the corner and go with them!”  As the end of the cross-country trip neared, I started to wonder if I had made a mistake.  There was, of course, the extra two weeks of sleeping on the floor, an extra two weeks of cycling, an extra two weeks with a wardrobe made up of orange t-shirts and cycling clothes, and an extra two weeks of using a camp towel.  The rest of the crew was starting to think about sleeping in real beds, using real towels, and taking time over the morning coffee and paper.  They were looking forward to being reunited with family, friends, and pets.

I wasn’t so worried about the continued cycling and camping out.  I wondered what it would be like to continue the adventure with a new group of people.  Would I fit in?  It would be the same, but it would also be quite different.  I spent a little time in the last week of the cross country ride arguing with myself.  “Why did I sign up for this?  What’s the point?  Why did I think I want to ride to Key West?”  Finally, I decided it was none of my business if there was any point to it all!  I believe that God called me to this journey and that God’s call included the last two weeks.  How God uses it, in my life or someone else’s life, I may never know.
I didn’t need to worry about the rest.  The dynamics of the groups are, indeed, different.  But I have truly been made to feel welcome here.  In fact, people are celebrating that I finished one ride and joined another!  For me, it was just two more weeks, but people are treating me like a celebrity.  The first few days of my part of the East Coast Ride have been great.  We are traveling through relatively flat areas and I have met a couple of people who travel at about my speed.  The scenery has been beautiful in both Georgia and the parts of Florida that we have traveled so far.  Changing crews and joining the East Coast Ride was, indeed, a good decision!

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