A FCBA cyclists’ prayer

Written by: Mark Murphy

Lord, thank you for allowing me to participate in the experience of a lifetime.

Thanks for providing 3,600 miles of vistas and the ability to see the glorious flora and fauna of this great land.

Thank you for giving me 25 new family members to care for and love.

During this trip I’ve experienced such wonder and amazement at the world you’ve created.

I’ve also experienced heartbreak and sorrow as I view what has happened to small town America and its churches. I know you are aware, I just pray to see your plan for these impacted people.

Thanks for giving me your wheel when I needed it. Thanks for giving me your wheel when I thought I didn’t need it.

Please give me the strength and sense of awareness to provide others in need the same.

Please give me better discernment to be more aware of your Word.

Thanks for calling out life’s obstacles and obstructions and keeping me safe.

Sorry for the many times I ignored your advice, but thanks for not giving up on me.

I am reaching the end of this trip but am at the very beginning of my relationship with you.

I love you, Lord.


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