Adventures Abound

Written by: Macy Holsinger

Just as we never really know what’s around the next corner while riding, so it is with the Bike Adventure. At any moment, the weather could change, a tire could go flat, or the designated road could be under construction. But the beauty of the Bike Adventure is that instead of things like that wreaking havoc and tearing the team apart, they actually give us a chance to work together and think creatively. Thus those potentially frustrating moments become beautiful exercises in cooperation and teamwork.

This particular team is full of all sorts of talents and skills that frequently come in handy. Several people are computer gurus. One man is a mechanical engineer. We have counselors, nurses, cooks, beekeepers, mothers, fathers, a bike mechanic, and many other skill sets. Together all of these mixed with good attitudes and love for one another are the perfect ingredients of a great community.

And that is what we are: a community of cyclists working together and thinking outside the box for whatever ADVENTURES arise.

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