Coast to coast simple living

Written by: Lou Cooper

I started the 2017 FCBA cross-country ride with the goal of biking coast to coast and to raise money for the Fuller Center organization.

So far the ride has added up to be so much more than these two expectations. Participating in an environment with those hosting our ride, the riders, and the support crew sharing, receiving, and giving of themselves daily is inspiring. One sees how the goodness that surrounds us percolates beyond even our little 2017 FCBA family through our interactions with the people we meet during our travels.

The “simple life” is another example of living comfortably, in spite of not having the lifestyle we left at home in May. We still have daily life needs tended to, as well as enjoying days full of excitement and laughter (and occasionally frustrating situations such as flats). It’s amazing how easily we all slipped into the simple living style.

Living without TV news is a plus. Not hearing or reading the negative “news” and the hyperboles surrounding it by our newscasters has been a respite. I plan to do a better job of ignoring vast amounts of news after experiencing our simple living with FCBA. The spirit of the life we are leading this summer will stay with me and ripple forward to those that I encounter—whether in the gym, on the bike, on the golf course or in every day life. It’s amazing to see how this healthy spirit does spread so easily.

So, bikers keep the spirit we’ve grown accustomed to alive when returning home.

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