ICU nurse seeks cycling partner for life

Written by: Mike Powers

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of cycling in a group with an injured Macy. It was her unfortunate ankle accident that brought us all together at the same pedal speed for one day. Otherwise, she is much too fast for our cycling abilities. Her misfortune was our gain, and we took advantage of our time together.

Let’s cut to the chase–my blog today is fully dedicated to telling you about the overall awesomeness of Macy, and to find out if our readers have any potential suitors in their lives that may match up well with Macy’s overall awesomeness. (By the way, this blog has not been approved by Macy; her initial reaction should be priceless.)

What makes Macy such a good catch? She is a very happy person, is fierce on a bicycle, can tend to wounds (including her own), travels well, is good at managing people, is phenomenal with organizing snack bins and determining the appropriate number water coolers needed. She cuts a mean watermelon, eats properly, likes to hike and sleep in a hammock, possesses basketball and volleyball skills, loves her family, enjoys volunteering and large quantities of salad and yogurt, is independent and an overall wonderful person.

If you know anyone who may match up well with her above-described overall awesomeness, then please refer all resumes and inquiries directly to Macy–I am not getting in the middle of that one.  Macy is currently very happy with her life and does not necessarily need a boyfriend–but, if the right someone were to come along, she would be open to possible opportunities! (wink, wink)

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