Looking up to the mountains

Written by: Cheryl Shattuck

Psalm 121:1-2 “I will lift my eyes unto the hills from whence my help comes.”

The call of the psalmist is to lift my gaze unto the hills—for a purpose. Lifting my gaze shifts my posture, looking up instead of just in front of me changes my posture and my awareness.

When I ride, I often have to remind myself to assume a posture that will effectively use energy. When I get tired, I sup into bad habits, bad posture.

Riding out of Fernley, NV was like riding through a perpetual postcard. The mountains were majestic—covered in snow—and the sky was alive and clear. The landscape was exceptionally beautiful.

So I found myself lifting my eyes to these magnificent hills. God’s presence is palpable in this beauty. This ride gives me constant reason to lift my eyes to Him.

We are finishing segment two of this ride, then begins segment three. In segment three is our first build day in Colorado. I am looking forward to it. The psalmist calls for lifting of eyes with expectancy—”from whence my help comes.” Beyond the wonder I have already experienced, is the increased richness and depth I expect the build will add to this adventure.

So come and ‘join’ us in our journey as we bike to build with the Fuller Center.

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