Oh, the places you will go—in Nevada

Written by: Grace Kyle

I just went on a quiet evening walk through Wells. I did what I do often when I’m in a new place. I imagine my life there. What would be my routine? How would I spend my time? Would I be a teacher at Wells High School? A gold miner in Carlin? Would I walk through the canyons along the Humboldt River regularly? Get my coffee at Cowboy Joe in Elko? Herd cattle near Fernley? Or be a blackjack dealer in Reno?

I’ve reached age 22—yes so young but simultaneously an adult—and still feel as if the possibilities are endless, my direction limitless. And Nevada has reminded me this is so.

What I like best about long voyages with lots of stops is seeing the worlds that others inhabit. Glimpses into life outside of my own little world. Everyday I’m in a new place. Everyday I relish in the moments that I can slip away, study, observe, and imagine. Could I fit in in this place?

I traveled cross-country often as a child and had something of the same practice…staring out of the window and watching new worlds race before me. What a beautiful chance to be out here again, bewildered by the West and entertained by my imagination.

Thank you, Nevada.

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