Written by: Macy Holsinger

There is just something special about being ‘home.’ Whether it’s your favorite comfy chair or your mom’s homemade cinnamon rolls, there is something familiar and comfortable about being home. Riding through Oklahoma is like that for me—familiar, comfortable, and homey.

The rolling hills, the scissor tails, the welcoming hospitality all feel ‘right.’ The amazing thing is that we weren’t even in the part of the state where I normally ride. Yet, enough similarities existed that it still felt like ‘home.’

One of the biggest perks of being in southern Oklahoma is that some of my dearest friends were able to come visit. Just as it’s the people on the Bike Adventure who set this ride apart, it’s the people of Oklahoma who hold a special place in my heart. So, getting to combine two of my loves—being a part of the Bike Adventure and riding my bike in Oklahoma—has been a true joy!

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