Receiving bountifully

Written by: Rebecca Mitchell

“We’re so glad you’re here!” “Thank you for coming!” These are things we hear often from our hosts along the way. I am always amazed at the hosts because they are opening their doors to us, and maybe feeding us, helping coordinate showers or simply hanging out with us—and yet they thank us for coming.

On the Bike Adventure, we often talk about how it is a blessing to be a giver, as discussed in Acts 20:35. It’s something I have experienced in my life, but still the way our hosts just give and give befuddles me.

Over the weekend, we stayed in Lawton at the First Christian Church; they simply went above and beyond to care for us. One of the church members, Tom, actually stayed both nights with us in the church, making sure we had everything we needed, locking the doors and chatting with us. On Sunday, he was our tour guide around Lawton—he spent his entire afternoon taking a van full of people to sight after sight. He stopped when we wanted to take pictures, pointed out scenery (like buffalo and longhorns!) and shared interesting facts. He even offered to drive people to dinner after the tour.

This is just one example of the grace, love and kindness that has been poured out on us. Our hosts are beautiful examples of the way God continuously gives these gifts, and so many others, to us.

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