A fourth cross-country ride

Written by: Mike Wieser

This is my fourth cross-country ride with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. I knew within the first couple of days of riding with the FCBA in 2014 that this organization was one that I wanted to have a lasting relationship with.

I often get asked, “Why would you want to spend 8-10 weeks riding a bike across the country more than once?” For starters, the build days along the way are what really separates this ride from other bike adventures/tours. Although we haven’t had a build day yet, I look forward to our first one in Craig, Colorado on June 24.

Next, no two rides are the same since the route varies each year and you get to see different parts of the country. When there has been an overlap in destinations and we stay with the same hosts it is like seeing an old friend. Speaking of hosts, the hospitality they extend to us is incredible.

Finally, there are lasting relationships that we develop. These are the reasons I have been part of the FCBA since 2014, and I hope I will have the strength and good health to continue to be part of the FCBA in the future.

Posted in 2017 San Francisco to Savannah.