Seeing God’s creation

Written by: Russ Schulz

I am not fond of writing, so I will ramble on with thoughts.

The last two days of gorgeous Colorado, with mountains, trees, snow and clouds, have been beautiful and inspiring. As I rode and got tired and worn out, I thought about how awesome God made our bodies. We push and punish ourselves, and the next day we mostly recover and go again.

We as God’s creation are amazing. All of the trees and mountains are just bumps on the surface of God’s earth. They are only beautiful, awesome, and magnificent because God made us to see them as more than a bump or stick.

I also want to comment on how awesome it is to spend these few days with a community full of kindness, care and love. When there is something to be done—bam—someone does it, from emptying the garbage, cooking, cleaning, helping or praying.

Love goes and love comes in, but love is always available.

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