Seeing God’s provision

Written by: Rebecca Mitchell 

First, I must tell you that I wasn’t supposed to write a blog today, but I did want to write about this day no matter how late I stayed up. So it seems God has provided me with the time to write.

This afternoon we arrived in Craig, CO and were warmly welcomed by a community the Fuller Center Bike Adventure had experienced before. We spread out throughout the church as they opened room after room to us for options in our three day stay, and then gathered our things to shower at the pool. The local Moffat County Fuller Center collected a bounty of food for us to eat from local establishments: brisket, beans, pasta salad and cookies, and they even cooked a special dish for the vegetarians. There seemed to be nothing they weren’t willing to do for us— as we have experienced at so many of the churches—from offering us usage of their home showers to buying food for breakfast. We met the mayor and county commissioner, both of whom heartily welcomed us and invited us back on our first evening here! And while Henry was announcing the riders who raised the most money thus far, the mayor donated $100 to raise a rider’s total amount to $20,000.

The provision of the Lord is astounding in so many big and small ways. Countless times on this trip there has not seemed to be a way, but a way has been provided by God. I see His provision for us through every single church—and the high school and museum facilities as well—whether they feed us dinner, let us use their showers or simply give us a place to stay. The “simple necessities” have become more and more like great blessings. Each time we arrive there is a door that has been opened for us, a door that God opened. God heard the “Lord here I am use me,” and sent every single one of us on this adventure for a reason. I pray God may further strengthen each one of us as the adventure continues. We are one body that does not work without every single part, as we were reminded of in the devotional this morning.

With it only being three weeks in, I know there is so much more to experience and learn. But I know for sure this is much more than an internship where I practice my photography skills and edit blogs. This is a rising up of God’s people to participate in kingdom work. And it is beautiful to see.

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