Success with 100 miles

Written by: Bill Turner

Today was the best road ride of my life so far.

We covered a 104 miles. The last time I did a 100 mile ride was when I was 20 years old. I took a ferry from Bar Harbor, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and then rode to my grandmother’s house, 126 miles.

The scenery was wonderful, there were many snow capped mountain ranges around each corner. I rode with chore team leader Macy Holsinger most of the day, she was a wonderful coach, a wonderful companion. At the end of one of the hardest climbs she came up behind me and I expected her to pass me and wait at the top, which is what we had agreed to, instead she rode beside me for awhile. She encouraged me and had praise music playing on her smartphone. As we crested the summit elevation the singer said “Come to God’s table.”

I rode sweep for the first time yesterday with Macy, and it was a very different riding experience. There was tons of time to look at scenery and take pictures. At one point we stopped and had two horses come over to us from behind a fence and we got to scratch in front of their ears. They were very happy to have us standing there.

The host churches we’ve been staying with have been absolutely wonderful in their hospitality towards us, including this one in Carlin. Last night we were served a potluck in Winnemucca, it was a wonderful variety compared to the normal staples we have when we’re riding. And while you’re riding you don’t want anything fancy. When we can do presentations at the churches regarding what the Fuller Center’s mission is and why we’re riding it has been well received and many folks who’ve attended the presentations made additional donations.

Riding with the participants on this adventure has proved to be wonderful for me. People are always helpful to each other, and seldom crabby. And the support team are wonderful people to be traveling with. The leadership of both Henry and Macy is excellent and I’m very happy to be a part of this experience.

For any one who likes to cycle and is interested in a lengthy trip, or wants someone to lug your stuff, the bike adventure would likely prove to be a wonderful opportunity, whether you’re someone right out of high school or someone in their 70s.

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