The motivation to continue

Written by: John Busby

OK guys, day 4 is in the records books on this Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure, and boy was it challenging. A 72 mile ride with four thousand feet of elevation tested my strength and determination. As I reflect back on the day, I recall the times on the ride when my spirit was low as my legs ached. I guess there comes a moment when we all question why we choose to do something so physically and mentally demanding.

In the military, if you were to ask any solider, sailor, airmen or marine why they fight, contrary to popular belief, often you will hear them say for the guy fighting next to them. I chose to do this 72 mile ride, with its four thousand feet of elevation, for those who are serving right alongside me. I witness first hand their heart and willingness to help their fellow man and it inspires me to want to do the same. The people riding along with me are some of the most loving and giving people I have ever met. These riders are sacrificing their time, money and bodies to raise money for their fellow man.

This Fuller Center Bike Adventure is not just a bike ride, it is an act of service. Every mile we peddle raises a dollar. Every dollar raised provides shelter for someone who may not otherwise have a place to sleep.

When my legs started to ache, and boy did they ache, I remembered why I am doing this ride as well as those who are suffering right alongside me, which provided the motivation to keep going.

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