Why I am riding for the third year

Written by: David Johnson

Like most I found out about the Fuller Center Bike Ride through the internet. I looked at the costs and the mission statement and thought it would be a good way to attempt to ride my bike across the country. I found out that through my previous employer I already had a strong relationship with their sister non-profit. Based on that fact, two years ago I decided to try the ride for two weeks — just to see what the ride and the mission was like. After two weeks of riding, I was amazed with the spiritual nature of the group. This was a group that put “substance over words” to real use. We all would like to do good and make a difference, but sometimes you have to find the right vehicle.

To be on the safe side the next year I decided to ride with the group for three weeks. Those three weeks were more of the same as the year before’s two weeks. The most memorable day of my second year was when I got the chance to work with the group removing and replacing the roof on a home that would soon go to a hardworking, deserving family. Knowing how that house would make generational changes in their family and how I was able to contribute a small portion, I was left with a good feeling inside.

Now I am in my third year and I am attempting to ride the country. Over the three years I have really forgotten about the cost. I am matching each $25 donation from my clients. Most of my funds will come directly from me.

I have forgotten about wanting to ride my bike across the country. That is not the reason that I am riding this year.

I am riding this year because this is my vehicle to make a difference. This is my way of giving back and playing it forward. It’s not about the ride. It’s now about the people and the difference I can make.

“I cried because I had no shoes; until I met a man that had no feet.”

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