Written by: Ann Coleman
I look at life as a series of stories that we create and experience.  You might think that biking from Seattle to San Diego is a long period of time and a big commitment, but in reality it will become a short chapter in our book of life.  And what a blessing it is!

We gathered less than a week ago, but we are already bonding into a family…getting to know each other, experiencing the beauty of our country together, supporting and encouraging each other along the way, working together on daily chores and learning how to live in close quarters without excess, but plenty.  It’s all a wonderful blessing.
The highlight for me so far is the service project we participated in before leaving Seattle.  Seeing the happy faces of the Moms and their kids as we moved them back into their renovated housing was such a blessing.
Helping others is what this is really about.  The funds that our donors have so generously provided helps Fuller help more people in need.  They are such an important part of the work that is being done…yet another BIG blessing.
Having dinners and places to stay, compliments of churches along the way or the YMCA allowing us to take free showers are  other great examples of how we are being blessed through this experience.
San Diego, here we come, but day by day experiencing and most importantly noticing what God has planned for us.

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