Why Am I Doing This?

Written by: Anna Little

Hello from Novato! Yesterday we biked from Ukiah, through beautiful wine country and sweltering heat. Today we ride into San Francisco!

I am not exaggerating when I say that every day at some point during the ride, I have had to ask myself why I’m doing this. I really had no biking experience before this. Our second day in Seattle we rode 60 miles – it was the longest I had ever biked. The next day we did 88 miles. Yesterday I rode my first century. In the middle of every hill, in the 100 degree weather, or in the pouring rain, I constantly ask myself “why am I here?” In those times I wish so badly that I was spending my summer the way normal people do, sleeping in late and relaxing all day in the cool comfort of air conditioning. But then we make it to the church and I forget all those things and I revel in the time spent with these awesome people. And then the cycle repeats itself, around and around and around.

Our morning devotions this week have really helped me have a better perspective on why I am doing this. In Redlane, Lorrie shared about how we have to go through the darkness, the difficult times in our lives. We have to do it. The next day Dan shared about how much we have to be grateful for, though we often take these things for granted. It made me think about my own life. The past year has been the most difficult season of my life. It has often been very dark and tough. But, I have also experienced more growth than ever before. You see, I think we need the dark times. They bring us closer to God in a way that ease and comfort don’t. And they teach us things about ourselves that we would never learn any other way. They teach us to be grateful for the things that we take for granted. This bike trip is the same way. It is filled with awesome experiences and also with grueling stretches. So now, when I ride up that next steep hill, I try not to ask myself why I’m doing this. Instead, I try to be thankful that I am able to be here experiencing this. I try to remember the people we are doing this for. We are truly biking to make a difference. See you at the top of the last, next hill!

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