Life of a SAG

Written by Cindy Hepp

Life of a SAG (support and gear) team member.  This role is not new to me, having done it for 3 other organized rides, multiple times, mainly charity in nature, plus 7 spring rides on the Natchez Trace. Each is uniquely different and with the Fuller rides, the makeup of the team puts its own twist on things. Going into this Seattle to DC ride, I prepared myself for the longer duration as best as anyone could. It has been wonderful spending time with repeat riders and getting to know the new team members. As designated “mom” by some of the riders (age not a factor), I try to cheer them on, remind them to rehydrate & fuel up, reapply sunscreen and locate possible bathroom sites. Moving riders forward or getting a reg. size tire pump to someone with a flat is also part of my day. Sometimes I am navigator for the van driver. We get in first to our destination and help unload the luggage & sleeping gear, along with coolers and snack bin. Rest stops can be tricky- I like to find shady areas or create one with van and trailer. The best are ones with views and a “real“ bathroom facilities. Days can be long and when rest days are few, it can wear on the total body. This adventure has been harder than I anticipated – harder on the body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am grateful knowing many family and friends are praying for me and my team. Morning devotions are uplifting and help keep my mind set on God & His purpose for my life and His strength to stay plugged into & get my attitude right. It is painful when God refines you. I will be stronger because of it. I also know I am never alone. He is always by my side. The scenery along the way is spectacular. I feel so blessed to be a part of this group, representing Fuller Center for Housing  I have spoken at a church service and countless people along the way, handing out cards to follow us. So far we have had 3 build days, each one different. My favorite part is getting to know the homeowner (family), be a listening ear, an encourager , offering hope, sharing laughter and tears. I am a better person having met them. Cindy Hepp 
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