Perspective of a returning rider

Written By: Bill Turner 
Bog 6-18-19 Seattle to DC 
Hello to all!! 463 miles done, 23,445ft of climbing in 7 days, ugh, I am tired just writing it. However, all done for a wonderful cause and fun at least 80% of the time. We have been riding for over a week, the scenic beauty has been wonderful even in the Seattle area. No rain until yesterday, when thunder, wind and a down-poor caught many of us without rain gear and needing to find safe shelter till the storm left. Pretty amazing to see the storm on a smart phone and have a good idea of what is going on and when you might get a break. It is now hot most days with above average temperatures, however it is predicted that we are in for a big change when we get to West Yellowstone this coming weekend, with a chance or rain or snow showers. I have not parted with my warm base layer wool cloths yet so they may come in handy in three days. I am again having a wonderful time riding with a few friends from previous Fuller Rides and making many new ones of various ages and from various areas of he USA and one rider from England. Riding with a team remains a real joy. I am starting some new friendships on this trip. If you would like to read an interesting blog go and click on his blog page. Tim is from England and this ride is his retirement present to himself. His humor and language is fun to experience in person or in print. We have several other antique riders like myself or older and a mix of others from the youngest of 23.
I have not swept with this group yet, however God and I did 2 short morning devotion sessions that appeared to go reasonably well. Riding with the team has been a joy, the chore groups have worked well and we have been fed by churches a lot and had a few wonderful meals when we were not being hosted by a church for a meal.
It is exciting to again be a part of a FCBA team of riders that will likely raise in the range of $300,000 to $400,000 to support hand-up improvements to poverty housing in the USA and Globally. Thank you all who support this effort. With a bit of blessing from the Lord, I was notified yesterday there will soon be a Fuller Center Covenant Partner in the Windham, Maine area. You can visit my fundraising page at
Thanks for reading, Bill Turner.


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