Written by: Tom Weber (Geezerman)


I have had priorities on my mind for a number of months now, because of the resent injuries my son experienced on a ski slope. Faith priorities, physical priorities and character priorities. 

Other things in life suddenly take a back seat when a loved one or close friend is hurt. Life is difficult sometimes, and it is often difficult to maintain our faith and strength of character.  Surrounding myself with FCBA people has greatly helped me to strengthen and maintain my faith. It has also helped me to maintain the physical shape of my body, (although I seem to be heavier than when I started with FCBA in 2011 for some reason). I have gotten a lot of my strength over the years from riding with numerous trip leaders, and have been privileged to watch as they get stronger as individuals, as they lead and grow during the ride. Then, there are so many riders that I have witnessed display such strength of character, and faith that it can’t help but amaze me, strengthen me,  and make me examine my priorities. Whether I am helping my son recover, or helping complete stranger enjoy a safe and affordable place to live, I am a better person when my priority is: John 3: 17-18. Peace to all.

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