Riding on two wheels

Written By: Mylah Garlington

Riding across the United States of America on two wheels (or four when needed) is something I’ve wanted to do for some time. Some days I can’t believe I’m actually doing it.  Today was one of those days that made me wonder, “What did I do to deserve this?”  I spent my 4th of July riding through the some of the most beautiful and scenic places I’ve ever seen.  We had 102.3 in the schedule.  It sounds like a radio station.  Instead of songs in a row, it was miles in a row.  I volunteered as sweep for the ride.  That gave me permission to take my time.  The sweep’s job is to come in last and make sure everyone is accounted for.  Today’s ride started with 50 easy miles followed by a climb called Rabbit Ear’s Pass. Pass means long climb.  This one was about 10 miles and 2500 feet.  It could have been merciless were it not for the beauty that you couldn’t take your eyes off of…except you have to watch the road.  I wouldn’t say I rode up the Pass as much as I steadily crawled with my mind on the 40 miles still to come when I was done.  All in all I finished 102.47 miles with a smile.

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