Rough rides, rejuvenating people

Written by: Jeff Bracken


Greetings from Pocatello, ID!  Last week, we rode through rain, sleet, hail, and snow.  Yesterday we rode (several of us walked) through 15 miles of rocks, mud, and thick sand (yes, that means people actually walked almost 15 miles, myself included).  Today, we set out for our 88 mile ride with the temperature in the low 40s, and a few miles in, it starts to rain a little. “Seriously??? Can we catch a break,” I vented to myself.  And then we did. The sky cleared, the temps rose to high 60s/low 70s, and we rode on beautiful back country roads with vast farmlands all around, reminding me of back home in KY, except without the hills.  

It was great to finally have a ride with the road and weather in our favor, but even better to see how the group responded to yesterday’s challenges.  Everyone is uplifting and encouraging, to the point it makes it impossible to be in a bad mood. In just one day, here are some highlights I noticed about our group:

  1. People jumped in and helped with chores, even though they were not on that chore team (happened to be nearby and weren’t doing anything, so they helped; i.e. Bill Turner is on my team, but he helped the dinner team and that’s just one example)
  2. One of our riders (Ann Coleman) who just joined, after having the terrible first ride yesterday, volunteered to sweep today
  3. Our devotion, lead by Dan Hepp, was about expressing your needs so that people with plentiful may help.  I expressed a need (I broke my phone mount yesterday), and Myla stepped right up and provided what I needed.
  4. Beth gave a couple of us a lift to a bike shop to gather things, and the other person missed the shower shuttle because of it; Beth offered her a shower in the RV her and her husband have been driving along.  
  5. Elliott, our trip leader (who has been fabulous), paid for my $2 shower

All that in just one day, and that’s only what I noticed; imagine what I did not notice.  Jesus came to serve, not to be served, and this group is exemplifying that, so I look forward to how God will be even more glorified on our build days.  On to Logan, Utah tomorrow!  

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