Sweet Treat

Written by: Penny Goodwin

Today we traveled from Indianapolis to Richmond, IN.  Along my ride I was thinking about this blog and what could I possibly share about this ride.  I joined in Peoria, IL and will end in Springfield, OH on 8/1/19.


Illinois and Indiana have many things in common, but the thing that stands out to me is all the corn fields.  Both states have had heavy spring rains and therefore there is quite a range in the size of the corn plants. Since I was born and raised in southern Illinois, I have seen many fields over my lifetime and can say that some of the farmers were able to get the crop planted on time and the stalks are tall and sturdy, as can be expected.  Other farmers, unfortunately have had to wait for the ground to dry out to give the seed a firm foundation in which the roots can grow and therefore the growth is quite behind. We were blessed with a literally “sweet treat” on Friday evening when our host church in Indy prepared a hamburger cookout with a large pot of fresh sweet corn soaked in butter.  Well, maybe mine was soaked in butter. 🙂


As we left Indianapolis, it did not take long to venture into the rolling countryside with beautiful farmland, horses and large farm houses.  It has been a wonderful adventure today and this past week to reminisce on my childhood and what it was like to grow up in southern Illinois in farming country.

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