Yesterday’s challenge, today’s beast

Written By: Adam Thompson

Day 4: Sunnyslope to Wilbur

96 miles

5,368 feet of climbing

If yesterday was a great challenge, today was a beast!  It didn’t take long to warm up as the temperature reached the 90s with very few clouds. 

We had a nice ride through parts of Wenatchee and enjoyed views of the orchard-filled valley and Columbia river.  The route took us through a beautiful park with trails.  At one point a barricade was in place stating that the path was closed.  Rather than trying to find an alternate path, we promptly jumped the barricade and handed each other our bikes.  A groundsman was on the path and called law enforcement to report us.  As we came out on the other side of the forbidden path a park ranger had his siren lights on and threatened to fine us.   Elliott sweet talked us out of a fine by pulling the “charity organization” card.  Thanks Elliott!

Soon after we came to Pine Canyon which was a beautiful rocky, winding canyon with a small stream flowing with some greenery around it.  From the start of the canyon to Waterville we gained over 2000 feet in 10 miles.  Highway 2 turned into something that looked like a view out of the midwest, with rolling hills and wheat fields as far as you can see.  The road was nicely paved with swept shoulders, which made for a smooth ride.  After the 2nd rest stop we enjoyed a long downhill followed by a beautiful, sprawling gorge with scenery out of southern Utah.  The next hill took us up another steep hill and then more rolling farm land.  We passed an espresso shop after passing Banks Lake (which cooled the temp considerably).  A few of us indulged in a milkshake (Jeff got peach which reminded him of home). 

When we arrived at the Community Presbyterian church in Wilbur, we were graciously welcomed with a terrific meal and warm, loving community members.  They even gave us a big bag of quarters to take showers at the local campground.  The people here stayed to chat with us and hear stories about some of the projects that the Fuller Center is undertaking. 

Several people sagged at various points today but everyone gave an incredible effort on today’s challenging ride.

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