Written by: Dave Perry, Blue Ride
So I’ve done two weeks with the FCBA the past two years, and this is my first day back for another two week adventure.  In previous years I complained about having to write a blog, and last year I thought that I made my blog perverse enough that I would be excused permanently. But somehow I was not really surprised when my name came up on the first day.

Fortunately I finished the ride somewhat early and decided to get this over with. Not much has happened yet so this will be easy.  The church was still locked when I arrived so I was laying on the ground under a shade tree when a little dog came up and started licking me. The dog belongs to the pastor and his wife who live next door to the church, and she came over to let me in. I was wondering if Conner and his crew trashed the place last week and we were going to be turned away. Apparently they were okay (but not as good as the Blue Riders) so everything is good for us. I got a chance to talk a little with the pastor and his wife. They are ministering to an old church with a small membership and I am thankful that they took on the task of hosting us.
So I’m looking forward to more riding on good low traffic roads, relatively cool temps compared to what I’m used to in Augusta, and hanging out with some fun people.

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