Team Game

Written by: Kim Eisenbarth    

Today we crossed into California, which is a milestone for FCBA folks. We love our state line signs! We had a much appreciated day of sunshine, tailwinds, and the beautiful southern Oregon coastline. It was definitely one of the best days of cycling I have ever had. (So far). 

Perhaps we enjoyed it even more because of the rain and headwinds we rode through last week. I am constantly reminded of one of our morning devotions, “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it”, which was at times challenging last week. 

We started this journey 11 days ago; yet our sense of community has grown exponentially every day. I love cycling and exploring new places on two wheels, but my favorite part of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure is the close knit family that evolves over the days. The morning routine especially demonstrates this. Everyone is assigned a specific chore team, which rotates weekly. It seems to be utter chaos at times, but it works! And just like a traditional family some folks take on more of the workload than others, but that, too, seems to be tolerated. 

After only a week and a half, our attitudes have started to change as well.  We have, for the most part, adopted an “it’ll do” approach, which wasn’t as evident the first few days. Our priorities have changed. I can’t recall from two weeks ago what the highlight of my day may have been, but I can tell you that today, I was really excited because it’s LAUNDRY DAY!!! You see, every three days, the laundry chore team takes all of our dirty clothes to a  laundromat and brings them back to us clean and sometimes folded. Sorting and finding our own items becomes a game in and of itself. 

Learning to Live Simply,



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