Enjoying the little things

Written by: Judy Nast

Wednesday night at the Baptist church, we had a true potluck dinner furnished by our host church. Humm, hum good.
Today has been a day of adventure, starting with breakfast burritos prepared by our team. When it was time to leave Bingen Baptist Church all  of the drains were backed-up. After diligent work by many the problem was mastered. The view riding out of Bingen was breathtaking. We even took a trail, riding and walking, to a waterfall. The group stopped often to photograph God’s beautiful country. We had majestic views of the Columbia River for miles, including the Dalles Dam. Throughout the ride, we could look to the right and see Mt. Hood reaching out of the clouds. The second rest stop was in the middle of fields where we watched the golden waves of wheat blow in the wind.

We did have an injured rider today, prayers are for Jennifer, that her injuries are not severe and she will heal quickly.

Love to all,

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