A Bicycling Birthday

Written by: Gloria Mesick, Birthday Girl, Orange Ride

Yesterday when I read Connor’s e-mail I found out that I was to be the blogger for the day. I thought, “Oh, no. What am I going to write about?” I woke up and went into the kitchen for breakfast and everyone started singing “Happy Birthday” to me!

When I first thought about this ride over a year ago, I thought what a great opportunity to see a lot of the country and to help those in need of housing at the same time. I have seen some amazing sites and have enjoyed the build days. But I have been blessed with much more. I didn’t know I would meet such amazing people. In just two short weeks I feel I have bonded with these people. What I have enjoyed the most is the circle time where people share devotions each morning. Their faith is evident in the stories they share. They are inspiring me to be a better person and to trust in the Lord. I would like to thank all of my new friends for making this a birthday I will never forget.

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