A Can-Do Attitude

Written by: John Johnson

And so the adventure begins…again. I don’t know what makes a person wake up at 3AM to ride a bike in the hot desert sun through canyons and mountain ranges, but in the Fuller Center Bike Adventure we do just that and then some. We also do it without complaining. (That may just be the surprising part about this whole journey.) This group just keeps on chugging along no matter what mishap occurs,  not that there isn’t opportunity to have a pity party.

When a place you thought you were going to stay can’t accommodate you, you just move on down the highway and find one that will. When you have a bent part on your bike, multiple flats or you’re not just feeling like yourself, you just move on and say “what is God trying to tell me”. This is what I really love about our group. We have a can do attitude about most things and we get it done. No excuses.  When we go to a build site, everyone pitches in until the project is completed. If a rider is down, everyone comes to their aid or asks if there’s something that can be done for them – and once they are taken care of – they continue onto their original task. And it’s not just something we extend only to fellow riders but we also do this with host churches and communities. Going beyond what is required should be one of our mantras.  It’s very inspiring and it’s quite contagious. In fact I’d like to think that we personally have this in common.   This is my third summer with the Center and it keeps me coming back.


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