A Constant Adventure

Written by: Kelly Cho

Everyday is an adventure. Today was no exception. Taking cover from our third storm, changing flats, falling from tracks or holes and gaining more battle scars, or simply getting lost. All this happened within 83 miles.

Yet we find something to be thankful for. We had to ride in the rain. We had to take cover for a while. But in the midst of it, we had fellowship with other riders. As I stood outside a gas station watching the rain with two other riders, I was at peace. Taking the time to appreciate what God has created, knowing that what lies after the rain are greener grass and trees, a source for all living things. Despite all the thrills we had from today, I was also thankful that God protected us as we all made it back safely.

This bike ride has taught me so much. It’s much more than a bike ride or building or renovating a house. Not only did I learn to live simply so others can simply live, but also appreciating what God is doing or has done. So many times, I’m caught up with social media, work, friends and family that I fail to look around and up. Leaving all those distractions behind and spending time with God has been refreshing. Having to ride between 50 to 100 miles daily allows you to spend time with Him, to reflect and pray. It’s also amazing to see the beautiful mountains and going through the passes in Colorado, the “flat land” in Kansas, and enjoying the rolling hills in Missouri. Not only was the scenery great, the people too. Everywhere I go, I always meet such wonderful and welcoming people. Those willingly open their doors for us, cook us great meals, or roll down their car window to warn us about a thunderstorm coming, or just sharing a fist bump.

Coming into this bike adventure, I didn’t know what it would be like to spend 6 weeks with about 30 other people. The past 3 weeks turned out to be such a blessing. This group of people from all over the country has been extremely encouraging. They all have hearts to serve and it is shown through their actions. It’s infectious. They are all an inspiration to me. As I hear about their stories, I see how God is working in their lives. It’s awesome.

Time passes so quickly when you’re having fun. With 2 more weeks left for me, I look forward to each and everyday, savoring every moment, knowing that I’ll learn something new daily and that the adventure continues!


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