A Daily Reminder


Written by: Dody Odell

Its July 9th and 4am…. Some were starting to pack and others still trying to catch that last shut eye. We were in Holly, Colorado. You could feel the excitement in the air of riding our longest ride yet! 107 miles all the way to Cimarron, KS population of 1,800. 2 stop lights in the whole town!

There was a sense of eagerness lingering in my heart. I started my morning with a devotional about Grace in Our Hearts…. Reminding me truly what our mission ride is all about. The air was cool and misty. The wind was calm. This was creating a sense of hope that we may not have a strong head wind. As I took out to make my venture, I rode out with much energy. The sound of the bike whistling in wind-low and behold we had stormy weather. The first 15 miles I rode solo. I could see the pass line coming closer & closer. As they came by I heard Jennifer say there was a place for you. I took the opportunity and grabbed on. Awe… How nice it was being the weather was starting to lend its way to getting worse. It was going to be another tough day. As much as we all love the ride, there are days that it is just a full out grind.

Entering the rest area everyone was feeling good again. We took out of there and the hills started to meet us along with rain and wind. The sky looked as if we could see a tornado at any time. Seriousness set in our hearts. Once again it was a reminder of a bigger creator than just us to rely on.   Sometimes these days are a bitter sweet!

We are out there biking but in conditions that most would not weather. As you ride in these conditions there are times I think about the ones without and how thankful that I can be out there doing this. It’s a reminder of the strength that is within me and my fellow bikers out on the road.

The Fuller Center Bike Adventure is a great challenge along with finding out what you’re made of. You will definitely step out of your comfort zone in so many ways. I’m thankful for the team players out there. No rider ever alone during the amazing journey. The relationships formed for life….spiritually, emotionally and physically.







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