A day in the life of a support and gear person
July 8, 2022

By Cindy Hepp

As a support team member, Cindy Hepp shares about one day on the Bike Adventure! 

“Lights on” at 5:30 am, but I need extra time to get ready so 5:15 for me. My morning bag is prepped the night before so I can just pick it up and go to the restroom. Multitasking is a time saver; dressing while on the toilet. Come back to the room I slept in for the night, and roll up bedding. Close suitcase. Take personal items to the trailer.

This week I’m on the breakfast team. The dry goods, toaster, bowls, cups, etc. are set out the night before and the coffee pot is ready to go. In the morning, we put out the refrigerated items. After breakfast, we load up unrefrigerated items in the tote and cold items in the coolers. We all help with church clean up.

Next is circle up for the distribution of cue sheets, devotion and prayers, the Golden Oyee is passed onto a person who stands out with their kind acts, and individual oyees by anyone. The riders light up their bikes with headlights and tail lights for easier visibility.

With the downloaded route on Ride with GPS, I navigate with my husband Dan, the driver of the Fuller Center van and trailer. Today Dan rode his bike while I drove and had Rolff (a resting rider) navigate for me. The riders were going to be on a bike trail most of the way to the rest stop so Dan found the address of the destination for us. Once at the rest stop, I was free to get my bike off the rack and ride towards the cyclists on the Erie Canal Towpath Trail and take pictures to help preserve the memory.

Today was a one rest stop day so I had no responsibilities at the stop, unless someone wanted to sag into the church. After all the riders made it to the rest stop, we were off to the church. Normally I call ahead to say we are on our way, but today I was excited about riding one of my favorite Ohio trails and the start of our 3 night stay. 

Once at the church, introductions are made along with gratitude for use of their facility. I find out where we can sleep, store bikes, WiFi info, cleaning supplies, and if we can utilize their refrigerator and freezer for our items in the 5 coolers. Whoever is present from the team helps with unloading the van and trailer. We find our area of choice to set up camp (bedding and suitcase). Coolers are unloaded. Jessica, the videography intern, updates the white board with pertinent info regarding the church. As the riders come in, we greet them and help answer questions about where to put their bikes and where they can sleep.

For the first time since the cross country trip started, half of the team is staying in a local Fuller Center board member’s home. A real bed. 

Late afternoon and early evening is filled with sweet conversations among ourselves and with our host family. I try to journal every day or so, writing out the God sightings I experience along the way or of what others share. I cannot keep up because you can not outgive God. Sometimes there is time to post pictures and connect with family and friends back home. After an early start each day, sometimes we can’t even stay awake until our “lights out” time of 8 or 9:00 pm. 

Although there is a routine for each riding day, no two are alike. Each day is an adventure. You do not know what to expect around the corner.

I know God is in control and what direction I am going. I have my husband by my side and am surrounded by some of my Fuller family. Life is good.

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we love Our sponsors!

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