A delightful century ride
June 6, 2022

By Tom Thibeau

We stayed on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation the last two nights. Their heritage was very intriguing, their history very sad.

We had an opportunity to try “Fry Bread.” It is essentially a food reservations developed due to being forced onto reservations by the US government. They made it out of necessity from US food rations.  
This was our third century ride so far, from Browning to Chester. The ride to Chester was one of the best century rides any of us have done. Less than 2,000 feet of climbing with a plethora of descents. The tailwind only added to the delight of the ride.
Very little traffic and a smooth road helped as well. Some of the riders averaged close to 25 miles per hour. A great day to say the least. 

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we love Our sponsors!

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