A Desire for Change

Written by: Macy Holsinger, Blue Ride Trip Leader

Change: it’s a word most people fear and stirs the souls of others. And it’s one that the town of Craig, CO is working to embrace. Does the town not change and slowly wither away, or does it take risk of changing and learn to thrive again. Neil Fultz, the director of the local Fuller Center in Craig, is working hard to promote the sort of change that creates growth. Being in his late seventies has not stopped him from petitioning local political members, making sure that the local Fuller Center has a presence in the community, and knowing what’s going on in the school system. His multiple connections allowed several of us to speak at a county planning meeting while other riders were out actively serving the community. Having ridden through a large portion of the county and establishing relationships with members in two communities provided us with a unique perspective on the wide possibilities for growth that the area contains, but also gave us a glimpse into possible points of opposition to idea of change. After all, change involves change.

Over the years, members of the FCBA family have learned a little bit about change and how even when the willingness to be flexible is there, change can be downright hard. Yet, if we were looking for something easy we probably would not have signed up. Like so many things in life, the fruits of the trials: growth, community, fellowship, joy, perseverance require the trial, for without change there is no growth and without a dying to self, there is no community. Thus, at the end of the day, the constant changing of locations, the learning to live without certain items, the cold, the heat, the mountains and valleys are all worth it. Without these things and many more there would be no sweet communion and celebration after a mountain well climbed, no late night laughter over the mishaps of the day, no softening of the heart within, and no chance to worship with brothers and sisters across the country.

“Create in me a clean heart O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10

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