A Different Feeling

Written by: Steven Johnson, Blue Ride

It’s been just over a year since I’ve interacted directly with any members of the FCBA Community.  The last time we were together was for two build days and five days of riding. I still tell anyone who will listen that those days were transformational, and not just for me.  Also for my family, friends, and co-workers as they learned about the Fuller Center cause and began to provide their support.

I made a commitment to this year’s ride soon after last year’s ride and have been doing things related to the Fuller Center and the ride all through the year.  Things like training and approaching family, friends, and coworkers about their support would be included and have been ongoing.  But they’re not the same as direct interaction with the Fuller Center biking community.  However, I noticed a different feeling as soon as I arrived at our church in Columbus on Sunday.  And the feeling was getting stronger as I unpacked, got settled, and began to say hello to people I know and introduced myself to others I didn’t.  The closest feeling to last year’s came after getting up, getting ready, and preparing to head out to Cambridge.  As we headed out on our bikes as a group, I began to re-experience the essence of the Fuller Center to me, that is, committed individuals working together to help make things better for others.

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