A Hunger and Thirst That Can’t Be Quenched

Written by: Kelsey Correa 

As I ride on, I grow more hungry and thirsty…but not for the food and water that first comes to mind. We have plenty of that- even so much that I joke around about actually gaining weight on this trip, haha. Instead, I crave and long for more of Jesus- the living water and bread of life.

I long to be emptied day after day so that I can be filled with him; to be that pure and set-apart vessel fit for His use and poured out for the glory of the King and His kingdom’s cause (2 Timothy 2:21)! I long to be like the ocean in California we rode by, constantly moving, being stirred and glistening because of Christ and the Holy Spirit at work in and through me. To be like the cactus in the midst of the desert in Arizona- still living, thriving, and blooming by abiding in Him as the vine (John 15). To be built up like the rocks in Utah that we climbed on- unmovable and solid because Christ dwells in me (Psalm 125:1). To keep my roots dug deep in Jesus so that I can stand tall, firm and unwavering like the trees in Colorado that surrounded us. Last but not least, an analogy for the state we’re now in; Kansas. I long and desire to be like the headwind we’ve biked through each day- to be strong, bold, and consistent as a warrior and disciple of Jesus Christ (Joshua 1:9)!

For as the Lord declared through David in Psalm 119:2: “Blessed are they who seek, inquire for and of Him and crave Him with the whole heart!” We must remember that although food and water are necessary for this bike trip and life in general, Jesus is our vital need and the only one who can and will fully satisfy us!




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