A New Cyclist

Written by: Stephany Escalante- Galindo

On this Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure I have discovered several insights about myself and who I want to be. My bicycle has been a part of my life over the past two years. Last year I followed Monica Busby as she biked across America, and she did not know that her spirit and determination had inspired me to sign up for this epic journey.

My first ride was a challenge because I had not trained enough in the stubborn heat. 10 rides later and here I am in Page, AZ after 700 miles in the desert riding along kind and generous people who have opted for a frame and two wheels powered by their own faith and strength to get them from one ocean to another. On days when I felt I had given every pedal along the road I could possibly muster, I had a friend right there next to me with an encouraging smile. When we arrive to the next city of town on our trip it never ceases to amaze me- there are always people who have so much and give it to others.

I’m the type of cyclist who could climb a hill in segments, stopping to rest along the climb as needed. Now I am a more confident and stronger cyclist- not because I’ve ridden more miles, but because I know that with faith and a determined heart, no hill is too tall, nor any stretch too long. The friendships I’ve made on this trip are not only everlasting and eternal, they are a part of my heart and I will carry everyone’s kind, warm spirits with me. Thank you Fuller Center for allowing me to experience this adventure and testament to faith and rejuvenation of spirit.



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