A Night in Bayfield

Written by: Rick Nowlin

On Saturday, 6-27-15, we rode from Durango to Bayfield- a short distance of only 23 miles. There was some  climbing but we all made it in! What a way to spend your 62nd birthday. At only 23 miles it was also a light day.

We left the church later than usual at 0930. We went to lunch at Bayfield diner once we arrived. There was great food and we had enough leftover for Sunday morning. In the evening the church provided dinner, then about 25 of us went to a local pub called Bottom Shelf Brewery for a beer and pub trivia. The first category was famous addresses, like 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (landmarks), then almost extinct words in a profession, and lastly game shows. On Sunday we attended service at the 1st Baptist Church of Bayfield.

One rider left us Saturday morning to fly home and on Sunday we added 5 new riders.  What a way to start riding 83 miles and 6600 climbing feet.


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