A Perfect Day

Written by: Monica Busby


Hey Folks!  This day couldn’t be better on a bicycle!  It’s Monday morning…woke up 6:15am to a beautiful sunrise.  I couldn’t believe I was early for breakfast…about 15 minutes early at that.  All my bags were packed 30 min early.  Man, I have to pat myself on the back for this one!  Met Lindsey Bawcom in the bathroom for a few laughs…It was lookin’ like a fabulous day already!  I’m going to miss Colorado Springs…I so love this place.  I will have to come back.  The city is just gorgeous & I have yet to cycle and conquer Pikes Peak.  However, reading today’s cycling schedule, got me so stoked.  “Will I actually beat my 50 mile time record this time?”  It’s all downhill for 53 miles to Pueblo today…I think so…I think so.  Saw my Tanya (“Specialized Ruby Elite”) leaning on the Fuller Center Truck and she was hungry all right, not for hills today, but for some speed!  Woohooo!!  Let’s do this!
Clipped my shoes and tuned in to No Doubt & Magic!  It was game on!  The first 17 miles was a shocking breeze.  Besides Rick’s slippers almost causing an accident, we were averaging 25mph on the 50 E Highway.  When we hit the first rest stop, I finally saw AJ for the first time as well as all the fast riders — Jonathan Falk, Iron Lamb (Jeff), Kelsey, & Carolyn, among others!  That was awesome to see…I couldn’t believe it!  Did I just catch up to them?  Let’s keep it up!
We jumped in another Interstate Highway for 33 miles.  It was cool to see Johnny Busby zooming by on his first Interstate ride at 30mph!  30mph??!!! Holy Smokes!  Did I just read that number right?  Tail wind felt so good, that I was just barely pedaling…I absolutely loved it!   Come on Wind!  You got this!  Take me away!
Then comes mile 45, and it was kinda freaky to hit 10 exits on the freeway, literally, back 2 back during traffic.  Lots of swerving and weaving in and out of the freeway exits and entrances.  There were a few close calls, but just grateful for some friendly cars and trucks who let me through.  Exit 94 arrived so quickly as I made it to Pueblo in 2hours and 30 minutes.  UNBELIEVABLE!  Tanya and I hit our biggest 50mile PR Yet!  50miles in 2:21 averaging 20.91mph.  Now how about that?  What a day!  What a day it is!
To end an already perfect ride day, I had a chance to spend some time with Lindsey, Kelly, Fred, Jonathan, Kelsey, Mark, Yuji, Will, John Fender, Clint, and Laurence at Sushi Garden!  I couldn’t get enough of the Salmon & Cream Cheese Sushi!  Sooo YUMMY!!
This is my last week to ride and I’m truly going to miss my FCBA family…I’m just going to take every mile, every smile, every tear, and every hug I can get this week.  Thank you so much FATHER for your gift once again.  You gift of Friendships, Love, and Creation.  Today was PERFECT.


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