A Reason to Return

Written by: Kert Emperado

Today’s ride was from Bayfield to South Fork, Colorado- an 85 mile route with many rolling hills, and a huge mountain pass, resulting in roughly 6600+ feet of going up. There was a very nice winding downhill after the top of the Wolf Creek Pass (elevation 10,857 ft). My top speed today was 48 mph- Woohoo!

This is now my first year participating in the Fuller Center Bike Adventure, and this was the toughest first day I’ve experienced thus far. After 50 miles of the 85 mile route, my body and bottom were ready to get off the bike. At many points during the ride I was ready to call it quits and call the van to pick me up. I kept telling myself that I’ve done this before and its a pedal stroke at a time. It took me seven hours to get to our destination, Emmanuel Chapel in South Fork. Although there were many moments today when I asked myself why I signed up for this adventure again, I still enjoy this adventure all the same.

I love many aspects of this trip, especially the churches and communities we are blessed to meet. Like previous years, the group is diverse in ages and backgrounds. We range from ages 15-72, and from many parts of the country, and even one rider from Singapore. The group has already formed close friendships within the last three weeks, and it’s beautiful to see, as a person just joining in.

I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead and to witness what is in store for me this year.



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