A stranger is a friend I haven’t met yet
May 28, 2022

By Gary Schroeder

On Saturday, May 20, a group of strangers met in Seaside, Oregon intent on riding to Portland, Maine.  Now, here it is the following Saturday and that group of strangers has already become a family and are scratching their heads at how time can be passing so quickly.

What once seemed like an almost endless journey, we now realize is already 10 percent over in the blink of an eye.  

One of the joys of a Fuller Center Bike Adventure is not just meeting new people from all over but how the experiences create friendships that can last a lifetime. The joys and hardships of cycle touring create shared experiences that create bonds stronger than those created under less intense conditions. Eighty miles of cycling side by side or standing around the rest stop snack table provide plenty of opportunities to get to know each other much deeper than your normal day to day banter.   

It’s a wonderful thing to see people pitching in to complete chores, encouraging each other on days where the miles are long, the climbing is intense or worst of all, both of those on the same day.  It’s not just riders helping riders but friends helping friends.

Having seen the team approach in action, we know the miles, the weather, and/or sometimes spartan conditions might be tough but together we’ll get each other to the finish line. And the sense of accomplishment that goes with finishing a cross country bike ride will be enhanced because we did it with the friends who once were strangers. 

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we love Our sponsors!

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